EcoRecord is the Local Environmental Record Centre for Birmingham and the Black Country (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall & Wolverhampton).


EcoRecord collects, collates and makes available information about the wildlife, wildlife sites and habitats of Birmingham and the Black Country and currently has over 500,000 species records on its database.


These records come from many sources, ranging from professional ecologists to amateur expert naturalists to other wildlife enthusiasts.

EcoRecord provides an information service to a wide range of users such as local authorities, statutory agencies, ecological consultants, national and local recording schemes and others with a an interest in the wildlife of Birmingham and the Black Country.

A significant proportion of these species records come from YOU!


Without the contribution of volunteer recorders we wouldn't have the knowledge we have of the Biodiversity of Birmingham and the Black Country and understanding of its natural environment.


Don't forget, it is possible to record wildlife without specialist knowledge, just provide details of who, what, when and where.




You can read all about the different ways to submit records to us here 


An easy and quick way to submit your records is via

our new online recording form below:





You can also tweet us @EcoRecording or find us on Facebook


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Due to the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) across the UK and in line with current government advice we have had to make some operational changes and staff are now working from home until further notice.


There are currently no other changes to the service but we would recommend that you contact us via email in the first instance.


We will continue to provide updates on this page as and when the situation changes. If you have any queries, our contact us page has updated information about how to get in touch.