How to Request Information

Data Searches for Consultants


EcoRecord offers a ‘one-stop shop’ data search service for those seeking comprehensive ecological information on species, sites and habitats within Birmingham and the Black Country.


Our standard format is a desktop environmental data report delivered as a pdf document. The data search service is delivered in partnership with eCountability.



eCountability is a specialist consulting and digital application company providing advice, data and solutions for those seeking to manage biodiversity-related risks and opportunities. They enable access to the best available information and the expertise and support needed to interpret and apply it.

eCountability is partnering with EcoRecord to offer a new service in Birmingham and the Black Country to assist clients with managing biodiversity impacts and developing mitigation strategies.

eCountability’s tools and services provide the following key features:


• Identification of site-specific biodiversity-related information to support the planning, development and site maintenance processes;
• Visualisation and presentation of information in easily accessible reports;
• Rapid delivery of reports based on templates.



For any other non-commercial enquiries please contact us at